Saturday, June 28, 2014


SO I lied about the blogging thing. I missed a couple days already. Whoops. However I'm blogging today so I hope I can make up for what I missed.

*  *  *

So today, I set the microwave on fire.

You know how everyone's always saying don't put utensils and stuff in the microwave? Well I forgot the rule about not putting metal or plastics in there and went ahead and heated up chinese takeout leftovers while they were still in the take out box.

The metal heated super fast, setting fire to the paper box, thus thoroughly crisping the edges of my sweet and sour chicken. Milan freaked out and yelled at me about a fire and I was about to brush him off 'cause he's always crying wolf, but then his face was really serious so I got up and took a look.

We ended up (well mostly me) putting out the fire with my mother's, then cold, barley tea. (Thanks Mama)

With my house almost meeting its burning demise and my sweet and sour chicken nearly entirely inedible, the saddest part to my story is the fact that this was probably the most adrenaline spiking event of my summer so far. And I still haven't started my homework.

Ugh I'm bored. Someone save me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So today, I learned that my boobs are soft like pillows.

That's a really weird way to start a post, I know, but that's actually what happened. So I've been chilling in a sports bra and doing chores and stuff like a good daughter or whatever with the AC running and stuff. And I mean, I don't like it when it gets too cold, so I cross my arms and curl up to warm up a little, and then all of a sudden there are these two soft and fluffy things under my chin. Like WHAT THE HECK!! How did I not know up till now that the two small sacks of fat stuck to my chest were actually really soft cloud pillows? HOW??

This incident resulted in me being much more pleased with my boobs. Despite being small they are still soft and fluffy. They are solid proof that this world has some hope, and that the impossible CAN be made possible. Even if this only goes for insignificant things like the softness of my boobs. 

So this got me thinking about boobs and sizes of boobs and stuff and what not and it got me thinking. What decides the size of our boobs? I get that theres got to be something in our DNA and it's inherited from our parents or whatever (I sucked at bio), but why are there so many sized boobs? What forced us to adapt to have different sized breasts? Like most asians have small boobs right? And then you've got these say, hispanic girls, with nice sized C cups. Or like that occasional woman with natural double or triple D cups. And I don't mean natural as in they have a huge gut and even bigger boobs. I mean natural as in they just have big boobs. This probably (most likely, definitely,) makes me sound like an idiot, but what was the scientific point to big boobs? The only reason they're really there for is to feed our offspring right? So you really just need the mammary glands right? and even guys have those. And when you're pregnant your boobs get bigger anyway, so what's the point in big boobs? How do they aid our species' survival?

I realize lot's of people are probs judging me so hard from reading these posts, but I'm actually sincerely interested. Ugh. Maybe I'm just dumb. Or maybe I'm just not thinking. (That's basically the same thing though...)

Whatever. I'm going to try blogging everyday over the summer. I realize the chances of this happenning are very slim, but I will try either way.


Aight. Bye~

Friday, June 6, 2014

Music XIII and how it's ruining my life

Luhan and Xiumin are totally gay for each other and should just get together already god they're adorable I can't get enough of EXO and even though EXO-K is better when it comes to music XIUHAN IS THE SHIP OF LIFE!!! (Or Lumin... which ever you prefer).

So suddenly my music library is filled with a mix of American AND Japanese AND Korean music.

God help my soul.

Oh is it just me, or do you ever mix up the works "Q-tip" and "tooth pick"?? I do it on, like, a regular basis and I annoy myself to no end. :P

Also I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks I'm a shallow white girl ~_~ I mean, if you think about it, take away the anime and japanese stuff.... I'm like every other stereotypical white girl on tumblr. Only I don't use tumblr. I use blogger. SAME DIFFERENCE!! XD

Ugh I need to stop. I just listened to like four korean songs in a row. HALP!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tired XII and Anime IX and Endings V

Okay. No phone sucks.

It was my fault, I know, I wasn't giving a positive enough attitude and went to do my homework before I finished with the dishes, but still...

No phone sucks buns.

I can't stand this. I can't do homework on the run, can't use my five-consecutive-alarm system to wake up in the morning, can't read ebooks (and I was in the middle of a good one), can't check my schedule/family calendar without a computer (which I'm forced to leave at home... not that it does much without the internet), and can't watch anime. I can't contact my parents or my friends or anyone unless I'm in a building with an accessible phone or near a person with a phone they might let me use. Basically I'm a lonely island when I'm walking to different places in town, something I realized today. I lost access to all of my reminders for work, homework, blogging, anime, sophomore research project, picking up the boys etc. and I hate it.

I hate this so much I'm practically going insane.

I swear though, if someone asks me what I'm most afraid of right now, the answer will always be not getting my phone back. Not eating is in second place. That's how bad it's getting.

I'm mentally physically and emotionally exhausted, my sleep pattern is completely screwed over and I still have no idea how to give someone a positive attitude when I'm so fricking pissed at them. Seriously, if someone was as mad as I am at me, I'd take no attitude and robot speak instead of sass any day.

Try it sometime. Smiling uses less muscles then a frown, but it takes a shitload more effort for sure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tired XI and Anime IX

Okay so it's been a really really REALLY long time since I blogged and I feel totally and utterly .... Sad (for lack of a better word) about it. So first off I'm reaaaaaaaly sorry.

I'm also really tired (which is part of the reason I've been silent for so long) so I figured I'd give a status update. Actually I just want to give a status update cuz it looks easy and fun. Whatever.

So-- PROPOSALS ARE DONE!! Submitted. Finished. The pressure is off my chest for a few months (hopefully). Also, the spring animes haven't let me down yet. No game no life is still the best tho.

Also, my GPA went up a point!! (Yay me) I am no longer at risk of a B average.


And summer is coming. Another plus. However this means I have to clean out my entire closet (again) and sort through ALL my clothes (again) and go into the attic (again) to put my summer stuff in my closet.

There's also the matter of shorts in school. None of my shorts follow the dress code. They're all way to short. Well, not that short really. They usually reach to the base of my thumb (I think) but never to my fingertips. So mi madre won't let me wear them to school. Sigh.

I'm gonna havta wear jeans thru June by this point. (Ughhhhhhhhh)

BUT! I got a new swim suit so it all evens out in the end.

AND FRENCH IS STAYING!!!! They talked about it at the PFA (PTA? Idk) meeting and decided to keep such an awesome language after all. YAY PARENTS.

Aaaaaaaaand that's about all I can think of right now.

OH! English homework.... English homework....


Not to talk back to my parents.

How to control my facial expressions.

To eat at regular intervals so as to avoid random stomach rumbling.

To do my homework before I sleep (or watch anime).

To make an effort to hang out with my friends more often.

To make an effort to get out if the house more often.

To make an effort to get out of bed more often.

To make an effort.

To sleep at night.

To grow boobs.


Monday, April 28, 2014




Anyways, currently the principal has planned to phase out the French program, leaving my school with only two languages: Spanish and Latin.

This is ridiculous.

I mean REALLY???? Half the reason I decided against biotech and went to high tech was BECAUSE WE HAD FRENCH!! And besides, I love Madame. But she already just about stated that if she knows this isn't going to be a steady job for her, she'll start looking for a new one. I DON'T WANT A NEW FRENCH TEACHER! I mean, I seriously suck at languages. I spent ten years, TEN YEARS on spanish and learned NADA.

ただし! (Tadashi!)

With Madame... everything was different. I actually understood the material she gave us and began to learn a language. It was the vent of the century let me tell you. And now with them phasing French out and all, I might not get the luxury of learning from Madame till senior year!! I might not even get her next year!!!! I'd be heartbroken and dumb for the next few years and NO ONE WANTS THAT!!!!

So we decided to protest.

I mean it was so little. We all willingly put posters protesting against the phasing out of French on our lockers. It was within school rules and understandable and guess what HE did.

He tore them down.

Screw it all.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Love VI

I'm in a very bad mood right now and am currently havering some very conceited and hateful thoughts towards some very important people in my life. It's a shame. I started out today with such a good mood and ever since I got home I seem to have plummeted from my blissful high. Life sucks like that sometimes. Life's a bitch. 

I'd talk more, but I really am pissed. I can't even think to be funny. This is ridiculous. I'm way too call for the amount of hatred I feel welling up inside me. Hormones are weird. Teens are weird. Girls are weird. Life is weird. I'm weird. Sigh.

Well good night I guess. At least tomorrow's Friday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anime VIII


I love them anyways :3

In case you're not watching it, please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and watch No Game No Life.

It is a masterpiece.

However, the one problem I'm having today is the CLIFFHANGER AT THE END OF EPISODE THREE!! I swear it's horrible. RIGHT WHEN THING WERE GETTING REALLY REALLY RLYRLYRLY GOOD------ it stopped. FMLFMLFMLFML!!!!!!


But, my god is it good. I'll add a link here -->

Anyways, yea. That all. :)

Monday, April 21, 2014


So it's spring, huh?

Lucky for me, my allergies are less severe in the spring compared to the fall so I'm safe for now, but you really get like, a summer fever around this time of year, you know? I can hardly wait for summer now that it's starting to warm up outside. Imagine. Sleeping in till noon, dozing in the lazy summer sun, lemonade and the beach and watermelons? I can hardly wait.

But I have to sign up for some math camp.

I'm thinking I'll do Kumon, but I'm a little bit a lot pissed at the idea that my one real break every year is being squandered by school work. There's barely a point to it any more. Sigh. OH! And because I didn't get to fast start out of Algebra II and into Pre Calc, there's even more pressure coming from my extremely disappointed parents. I'm gonna sound really dumb, but seriously I CAN'T EVEN ANYMORE.

Also taking away my phone does not do much to stop me from being distracted. Neither does taking away my anime or manga. (Thanks for restricting access to any sites containing the word "anime" or whatever on my phone by the way. You ended up blocking a bunch of other sites to btdubs.) In fact, no matter what, I'm sure I'll be able to find a way to distract myself if the task at hand is too boring. If not anime/mana then books. If not reading then writing. If not writing then drawing. If not drawing then sleeping. If not sleeping then talking. If not talking then thinking. I WILL ALWAYS DO SOMETHING MORE FUN BECAUSE I CAN'T STAND BORING!!!

Sigh. I need a break.


I think what I need is a day with the house to myself and no one telling me what to do, what to wear, what to eat, how to sit, how to talk, where to look, and why their way of thinking is correct.

Is that so much to ask??????

Thursday, April 17, 2014


In case anyone's interested, I highly recommend the following.

No Game No Life <-- spring 2K14 airs every Wednesday

Mekakucity Actors <-- spring 2014 airs every Saturday

Black Bullet <-- spring 2K14 airs every Tuesday